Thursday, October 7, 2010

How do you know you're a book geek? (part the second)

—when the author you are reading leaves autobiographical details in his works, you spend time on Google searching for and eventually finding a picture of him and his wife. And then you try to figure out just how autobiographical the details in his writing actually are.

—when you discover that a book you ordered on Amazon and that got delayed for unstated reasons years ago is really about to come out in less than a month. And then you get a little pissed that you'd've been better off not knowing it was coming out because now you have to WAIT.

And the first volume of the Pogo Archive is finally scheduled too! The first volume has an intro by Jimmy Breslin, but I'm praying future volumes will have some words from the likes of Jeff Smith, Berkeley Breathed, and Bill Watterson. (But perhaps this points more to comics geekdom than book geekdom.)

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