Thursday, August 13, 2009

Permanent Damage on Genre

One of the Web sites I go to over and over (such that it is on my group of links over to the left) is Steven Grant's Permanent Damage. It first got my attention because of its commentary on comics, going beyond a review of current issues or trends, but talking about why the industry does certain things and offering a refreshingly realistic view of what is going on in the comics world with a historical background.

In this week's installment, Grant sets his sights on something a little different, something that I have annoyed my friends with as I have thought about it out loud: "literary" fiction and the apparent assumption that "genre" fiction is absent literary quality. He focusses on SF and crime fiction as he makes his arguments, not even talking about comics until his last paragraph. I wanted to share this and will hopefully write a blogging response to it in the near future.

It's really good stuff if questions of genre interest you.

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