Monday, March 16, 2009

Watchmen, the epitaph

Second weekend out, Watchmen made 18.1 million, a drop-off of nearly 66% from the previous week. The actual sales figure is not horrible, but in comparison to what it had done the week before, it's pretty telling. It's a good film, not a great film. And it just goes too far into a culture that Hollywood thought was more pervasive.

I read a quote from Patton Oswalt (I like the "nerd mafia" idea) that, while a little more explicit in his gratefulness to Zack Snyder, does reflect my feelings on what he attempted:

Looking forward to the DVD!

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  1. Just FYI, the wife mentioned she was interested in seeing it since she heard so many people buzzing about it. So I took her, plus a friend from Charlotte who had already seen it. So we both saw it for a 2nd time and both really enjoyed it. The wife thought it was a good movie, not what she expected but still good for a one time viewing. Therein lies the figures, people are seeing the movie, but once is enough except for people really into it or geeks (like me) looking to get more out of it. I still like it and likely will get the DVD.