Monday, September 10, 2007

Comic Musings for 6 September

Yeah, last week was Labor Day and books got in late. That's no excuse for me missing a week of review, but I was dead beat last week. Work was an absolute bear, as deadlines loom and the management chain panics, and us anchorly types have to be all...anchorly. And to be honest, nothing from the week before really got me going. I wanted to write something about Amazon Attacks, but it was an unmitigated disaster (the book, not my writing).

And my vaunted Wolfpack is playing as I feared rather than as I hoped.

But at least there are comics to keep me going, and last week was a lovely treat. I could even do a whole entry on non-DC comics, which I won't do. But I will talk about some of them things and pray you'll find them as interesting as I do.

Spoilers ho!

Infinity Inc. 1 - A little deception never hurt anyone.

You look at the cover, and you see bright shining faces, blue skies, and lots of optimism. But when you read the book, it's bleak bordering on morose. But it works for this title which asks what happens to normal people who volunteer to get super-powers because they are unhappy with their lives, then lose those powers and are forced to return to the lives they didn't like in the first place. I don't think it's just coincidence that all the former Everyman project members that we meet are undergoing some sort of councilling. But what Peter Milligan gives us is a fine introduction to the characters and a lot of intrigue about what may happen in the series. I was ready for a rip-off of the old Infinity Inc., which was a title I really loved, but this one doesn't appear to be going anywhere near that direction. And the direction it's taking is a good one so far.

I'm also enjoying Max Fiumara's art, which is nicely realistic with some shadowplay, reminding a good bit of the art in X-Factor. This is a very promising start.

Black Canary Wedding Planner - What in the world. Thanks for the shots of the Justice LEague hotties (minus Kendra) in their lingerie, I guess. I don't know what the point of this book was and I'm embarrassed to say that I bought it. Black Canary hasn't properly planned her wedding to Ollie, and so he jumps in to help, interspersing conversations about the wedding with taking down the bad guys. Really, though, it's just silly, with some incredibly simplistic art. Nothing happens of any note. Just avoid this one if you can possibly help it. I hope this doesn't bode ill for the wedding this week, even though big things are being hinted at elsewhere in the DC Universe.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5 - For a little while, one of the best things about the Buffy TV show was the new slayer on the block, Faith. And guest writer Brian K. Vaughn has arrived with the comic story that offer FAith even more redemption than she received in the Angel series. It seems that, now that there are thousands of slayers rather than the one there is supposed to be, not all of them can be vouched for. And if we tought Faith was a bad girl, there is one apparently even worse, one that the Watchers thinks must die before she can realize her evil potential. And if Faith pulls it off, not only will she not be turned in for her prison escape, but she will also be given a valid passport. Unfortunately, to pull it off, Faith must act as an upper crust English society girl.

Such a set-up simply drips with the the potential for Faith/Giles badinage, and we get it. And there is a single different thread, as Buffy and Zander do a little dance; nothing much happens there, but it is not the first hint we've gotten in this series that more is to come, so I think we can expect something there.

Georges Jeanty's art is just splendid, and this issue 5 is a good place to jump on if you've not jumped on already.

Y the Last Man 58 - Issue 57 contained a huge twist that was entirely logical but unexpected, at least for me. Brian K. Vaughn (yeah that guy again) twists even more in this issue, again taking the reader to a succession of obvious places before ripping the rug right out from under the reader. This series has been an exquisitely fun ride, and I regret that it is coming to a close, since Vaughn and artist Pia Guerra are pulling out all the stops.

The Incredible Hulk 110 - Another fine chapter in World War Hulk. I have no idea how this crossover event is going to end, and that's okay. Another wonderfully fun ride that I wouldn't mind continuing for some time.

Recently, the thrust of the crossovers is that Hulk is a monster, but Amadeus Cho's actions in this issue call that into question and then push the storytelling a little bit further. I've mentioned earlier that I find the Hulk's rage to be righteous: no matter how justified they were, the events that have plagued Hulk in the past year or so are incredibly unfair and unjust. But what I didn't consider, and what Greg Pak throws out there so delightfully, is the distinct possibility that the Illuminati were completely and totally wrong. Given that possibility, and the knowledge that one of the Illuminati is a Skrull, it's just not looking real good for our boy Tony Stark.


Not much to say here, except that DC is throwing out more books than a baby throws out of its crib. I don't think there was really a pressing need for a new Vigilante series, even if it is going to wedge another stake into the DC Universe...a hero has gone to the other side. We probably should have seen this one coming, and perhaps someone did. I don't think I want to read the issues, but I am morbidly curious about the traitor.

And Sergio Aragones is taking over Spirit. I'm really mixed about this. I've made no bones that I am not enjoying Darwin Cooke's run so far, but I can't wrap my head around Aragones doing it. And Jim Shooter coming back to the Legion? Maybe they'll get Mike Grell to draw it! And a Bat Lash mini as well? REally? I guess Jonah Hex is doing much better than expected....

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