Sunday, June 17, 2007

Comics musing for 13 June

Looking at this past week's comics, I'm not terribly inspired by anything in the list, for good or ill. I'm not sure if mediocrity is a good thing in this context. So, I think I'll take a slightly different tack and write a little about each comic from DC adn Wildstorm I got this week. It's not going to be a lot of subjective information, but let's see what happens.

Spoilers ho!

Countdown 46 - Mary Marvel fights the harvester of stillborn souls on a hospital rooftop; Mirror Master does some gay-baiting and Pied Piper gets revenge; the least liked of all the Apokalips characters, Sleez, gets offed; and Donna Troy and Jason Todd meet the Monitors' weapon, Forerunner (kinda like Harbinger, get it?). However, in the History of the Multiverse section, we get to see Robin in two of his adult costumes, one of which, the Batman costume with no cowl and bat-winged R logo, desperately needs to be made into an action figure.

Fables 62 - Okay, this one was better than okay. Flycatcher and his new assistant Lancelot begin their epic quest, and the Fables make an ultimatum to the Emperor's ambassador. Willingham has really hit the target with this series, and I'm glad to see Snow and Bigby making a return. I know this is rapidly running towards a return to war, but I have faith that Willingham will either have a way out of the war or that the war will be handled with the grace and style the rest of the Fables story has been gifted with.

Gen13 9 - The team gets part-time jobs at a farm. Sarah makes a move on one of her teammates, without the desired result. Roxanne's foster mother shows up and the team discovers they have an angel watching over them. However, the ratcatchers find Gen13, and te team is convinced to escape while their new protectors fight their enemies for them. Gen13 ends up in Tranquility, that town in Gail Simone's other Wildstorm title. Bet there's some tenn angst a-comin'.

Green Arrow 75 - The final battle between the Arrow family and Deathstroke. Okay not really, because Deathstroke gets away, even though the Justice League comes to help. I don't know how he's got their number. Ollie proposes to Dinah, but to get the answer, you either have to buy her upcoming mini-series or look at the Previews for the next two months (hint: Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special...).

Green Lantern Corps 13 - The mystery of Mogo is solved. You knew Guy Gardner wasn't a murderer, right? Guess Mogo should've used Tinactin, cause that was some fungus outbreak he had there.

Hawkgirl 65 - Hath-Set's ultimate plan is revealed, marrying Kendra and making a zombie slave out of her. I bet Carter's not going to like that too much. This is the next to last issue, and that way cool art from last issue is gone.

JLA Classified 39 - Part Three of Kid Amazo. This story still has promise, but there is a bizarre dichototomy going on with the members of the JLA. While the male members seem to be content to watch Kid and help him when he needs it, Wonder Woman reveals his secret to Kid's girlfriend, who promptly breaks up with him. That one seems like just bad writing, but we'll see if Wonder Woman is given a chance to exlpain her bizarre actions. Otherwise, it is incredibly out of character and fairly catty besides.

Justice 12 - It's gorgeous; it's incomprehensible. There was far too much lag between issues of this dense story. The best way to read tis will either be to pull out all the issues and read it again or buy yhr trades. But man, who knew that Alex Ross guy had such talent?

Stormwatch Post Human Division 8 - Another good story from Christos Gage. The "normal" team gets to interact with the "prime" team, the ones with super-powers. There is a lot of history and animosity there, which all makes a pleasing backdrop to the locked-room mystery which is revealed with the last two pages. Because of the introductory things that happen, this is a good jumping on point for folks who might not be reading this story. It may well be the best thing Wildstorm is putting out since the Worldstorm event.

Superman/Batman 36 - The bizarre continuity of the Metal Men is continued. The relationship of this story to the events of 52 remains unexplained, and we get to see our heroes go up against the lethal robotic combination of OMAC, Brainiac, and the Metal Men. The resolution of the plot relies on the Metal Men remembering that they really aren't bad, which makes one wonder why they went bad in the first place. Just silly stuff and really bad art.

The Trials of Shazam 7 - Not keeping up with the schedule is harming this issue as well as some really poor writing and art. What does it mean that Freddy only has half of Hercules' strength? The metaphor that is Atlas, previewed in the last few panels, may well be too clunky to work.

Yeesh, that wasn't good. Here's hoping that next week's haul will go better. Maybe I need to start pruning my list....

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